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Fashion with Keyshia Ka’oir


KK dressOriginally a Miami-based celebrity stylist with Jamaican roots, KEYSHIA KA’OIR got her modeling start in late 2009 when Director Paul Coy Allen cast her for a starring role as “Lisa”, the jealous ex-wife in the Timbaland & Drake mini-movie /music video, “Say Something”.  Soon after, the hustler and model known as “Keyshia Dior“, embarked on a 2010 whirlwind push which led to modeling features in countless music videos, covers on several national magazines and culminated with winning nationwide recognition as the 2010 XXL Magazine Model of the Year.

As a model, “Keyshia Dior” used every experience as a learning opportunity for both personal and professional growth. After a outstanding 2010, she succeeded in solidifying her personal brand as a model and fashion trendsetter known for her smile, hair and edgy style….. But “Keyshia Dior” had MORE in store!….   After realizing she was still “hand-making” the popular “blue lipstick” she was known for, the budding businesswoman decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and answer the call of her fans by commercially creating an exclusive assortment of bright colored lipsticks for herself & her loyal #DiorDoll fanbase.

So in 2011, the growing mogul known as Keyshia Dior, formally changed her name to “KEYSHIA KA’OIR  to stand behind her brand and launch the vibrant new makeup company…. KA’OIR COSMETICS.   Keyshia’s original goal was to to bring together women of all shades and all complexions with a  cosmetic line that embodied her confidence and featured a stunning array of colors.  The fun KA’OIR makeup colors soon become a beautiful complement to ANY confident woman who had the strength to be herself and work hard for the dreams she believed in.

In 2012, the infectious reach of the KA’OIR COSMETICS Brand began to rapidly expand, garnering attention and sales from a host of celebrities,  fans, supporters and new KA’OIR Doll customers worldwide.   Initially starting with ONLY 12 lipsticks, the KA’OIR Cosmetics line now includes numerous new bold lipsticks (see “KA’OIR Force,  S.T.O.P, Pool Party),  EXCLUSIVE Fabulous KA’OIR GLITZSTICKS, Nail Lacquers (Polish), Lip Pops (Gloss), Eye Shadow and Makeup Primer in a variety of both edgy and  traditional shades at www.KAOIR.comIn impressive “boss” fashion,  CEO KEYSHIA KA’OIR also proposed and negotiated three formal KA’OIR cosmetic endorsement deals with Platinum musician/rapper,  Trina (see “Neon Rockstarr” & “Show Off), reality television icon/ MTV Jersey Shore star, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (see “Snookilicious) …. and now in 2013 …  stunning music fashionista, Teyana Taylor (see “Harlem Knight).With the growing business success of the KA`OIR Cosmetics empire, KEYSHIA KA’OIR has an even larger platform to reach out to young girls all over the world.  She still makes time to host events and speak on panels about maintaining self-esteem and integrity in a challenging industry (see “Alwayz Lady Like).  KEYSHIA KA’OIR is also very passionate about “giving back” and recently created a pink lipstick color called “Survivor” in honor of breast cancer awareness. The cancer cause is near and dear to Keyshia’s heart, so a percentage of all sales proceeds are donated to ““Susan G. Komen for the Cure” in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale with the hope of encouraging others to join the fight against Breast Cancer.As a model, fashionista, entrepreneur & CEO, KEYSHIA KA’OIR is an authentic,  refreshing, bold personality in the cosmetics, fashion and entertainment industry. Through it all, she faces challenges head on, stays true to herself, stays confident with the constant support of God, her family and friends.  With millions of followers, fans, customer and viewers worldwide, Keyshia consistently encourages and stays directly connected with her strong base of supporters, lovingly known as “KA’OIR Dolls” and “The KA’OIR FORCE“.

KEYSHIA KA’OIR is a name that you want to keep an eye on. She is hot, multi-dimensional and focused on greatness.

Cinch your Waist

waist cinch front Waist cinchers minimize waistlines by drawing the stomach and sides of the body inward. They are a quick fix for hiding body parts that may not look appealing under clothing. By compartmentalizing the excess fat and skin surrounding the abdomen, a waist cincher creates a smoother more defined and slender appearance for its wearer. This body-shaping undergarment not only whittles the middle, but also eliminates the appearance of back fat and aids in correcting poor posture.


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Tis the season FOR SHORT HAIR!

 Very short hairstyles for black women are the most appropriate option for you to apply. If you have long hair and you feel bored with your hairstyle, it would be nice if you apply a short hairstyle.
Especially for those of you who have dark skin, short hairstyle is an ideal choice because it is suitable for application.short hair 1 shorthair2 shorthair3 shorthair4

Of the many hairstyles to choose from, short hairstyle is the most appropriate choice. In addition, there are several advantages that can be obtained by applying a short hairstyle. First, you will achieve a beautiful and different appearance. Of course, with this cool hairstyle you will look more different than the long-haired woman. Second, you will feel fresher with a very short haircut this. Third, you do not have to bother to take care of long hair. Thus, you can move smoothly without being interrupted with long hair. You also will be easier to move in accordance to what you want. In addition, very short hairstyles for black women can also be applied on all types of hair.

Virgin Hair Types


Hair Types

Various types of exotic hairs are being promoted and sold for profit in the United States. Virgin, Indian,   Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian, Mongolian, Burmese and European, Chinese etc… the list continues to grow.


Virgin hair is 100% natural. It has had no chemical or processing alterations done to it. Due to its completely natural state it is hypoallergenic and free of harmful irritable chemicals. With virgin hair, wash after wash the hair looks healthy and shiny. Virgin hair comes in its natural color and texture. Virgin hair comes in 1B, 2, depending on the region the ends of the hair may be a little lighter like a 4 or 6 but only the tips of the tips will vary in color due to the sun. Virgin hair does not come in jet black #1, or colors lighter than a #2.  Virgin hair is better than remy. It is the best on the market.


Brazilian Hair 



Brazilian hair is one of the most beautiful types of hair around. It is known for its full body, beautiful bounce, texture and versatility. Brazilian hair can vary in its appearance depending on it donor. Brazilian hair has a heavier density than Indian hair and is well suited for almost people due to its versatility.



Burmese Hair   


Burmese hair is cross between Chinese and Indian hair. It is healthy, resilient and full bodied. It is naturally straight with a slight curl at the end. Burmese hair is well suited for people of African descent and those that like naturally straight hair.




Cambodian Hair 


Cambodian hair is preferred by most women who like to vary hair styles. It has a natural healthy sheen a little extra body, tangle and frizz-free! Cambodian Virgin Hair is as natural as your own hair, it holds curls really well. Cambodian Virgin hair can be blended into hair of all ethnicity.


Chinese Hair 


Chinese hair is known for its sleek manageability and strength. It is low luster and is slightly coarser than other Asian hair and the hair follicles are thicker. Chinese hair is sleek and manageable without having a shiny doll hair look




Eurasian hair has the density that is very similar to Brazilian hair, except the texture is more defined. Eurasian hair is a combination of European and Asian hair types that is very silky, soft and smooth. It holds the wavy pattern very well.



Indian Hair 


Indian hair is one of the most loved and universally known hair types available on the market. It is very versatile, soft, with a naturally beautiful luster. It has fine follicles, smooth hair that is highly adaptable to color and texture processing. The hair will hold curls very well.


Malaysian Hair 


Malaysian hair is probably one of the most luxurious of all the hair types. It has a softness that will melt the hearts of almost all that come into contact with it. It has a heavy density and natural bounce to it again this hair is well suited for all.


Peruvian Hair 


Peruvian hair is very soft, it has course  but  silky texture that is suited for those who have natural hair


Russian Hair 


Russian hair in general has small cuticles making it quite fine, low in density, soft and silky in texture. Russian hair is usually straight or with a slight wave.